Injury in the House!

Well, we had a little excitement in our home. Sorry it's taken so long to post this, but I've been busy with exams. Anyways, Tim came home the other week (on a Tuesday) complaining that something got in his eye at work. He was eating lunch, had something ON his eye, decided to rub it (DUHH!) and rubbed it INTO his eye. So, that night when I arrived home, his eye was red in and around his eye from rubbing it and working at getting the foreign object out. So, being a mom you know that you don't rub your eyes, but no one listens when you tell them, not even the husband. We rinsed his eye out with drops (didn't work), we tried to slowly move it over in order to get it out with a Q-tip (didn't work), finally I went to the pharmacy and bought an eye flush.............and...............you guessed it, didn't work. By the time I bought the eye flush, he had apparently rubbed it so much that when I looked with my penlight, it had lodged in is eye, NOT GOOD!!!! I made him a doctors appt and sure enough, he had logded it in there and scar tissue had begun to grow around it. The eye doctor dilated and numbed his eye, then pulled out the DRILL!!! He had to use a drill to get the piece out of Tim's eye and then drilled some more to clean up the rust and scar tissue left behind by the metal piece. Thankfully, his eye sight will not be effected in any way. The damage and scarring is to the left of the iris, so will have no lasting effect. Hopefully next time when he's told to "quit rubbing your eye", he'll listen.

He had to use antibiotic/steroid combination eye drops for 7 days. He was not a happy camper. In all his life, he's never had to use eye drops.

Notice the loveling largeness of the eye on the left. That look is his "are you seriously putting this on the blog?"


Mock Hostess Cupcakes!

These are the absolute BEST Cupcakes. In a matter of 3 weeks I have now had them 2x's. Nathan went to a birthday party where the mom baked them and then today SNA had a bake sale where one of the nursing students made them, but with red topping in honor of Valentine's Day. Anyways, these are the BEST!!! You should try them out. Here is the website to a good recipe http://meganscookin.blogspot.com/2008/02/mock-hostess-cupcakes.html Happy Baking!


Dining Room Project!!

Well, here's what Tim has been up to. He's been working on the dining room. It turned out to be a bigger project than he expected. It turned out beautifully!!! I seem to be good at downloading the same picture 2x's. Anyways, here you go!!! We (as in Tim) pulled up the brown carpet, fixed the walls, changed the light fixture (Mom, we saved the light fixture so you can put it back up if you prefer) and changed the color.


Well, this is what is looked like once Tim started working on the dining room. The plaster was a little worse than he originally thought, but no fear, he replastered the walls.....entirely. It was a lot of work but well worth it.

Get a look at the floor. This is what we found under the carpet. We were kind of baffled as to why there was a darker color going around the edge where a throw rug must have once stood. Are you thinking that the sun must have caused the difference? Well, that would be incorrect. If it were by the sun, the outer part would be bleached and the inner area would be darker. It turns out that back in the day when my great-grandparent's or right after my grandparents would have owned the home, it was popular to put down a rug and then varnish around the exterior of the carpet. Very interesting. Tim will be sanding and revarnishing the entire floor this summer when it's warm enough to open windows.

One More Down and By Far the Best!!




I promise to get on here throughout the coming week to post all of our updates. There are quite a few since I have been so busy with school.

First Tooth!!

Well, she did it. Kaitlyn pulled out her tooth last Friday. She didn't want us to do it for her because she's seen what Matthew goes through (poor kid he has the longest roots even his doctor has ever seen). So, Friday night when she was getting ready for bed she grabbed the floss and flipped it out. The tooth fairy always leaves the first tooth, so Kaitlyn took it with her to cheerleading the next day to show her coach. She was pretty proud of herself.