Well, once again I have slacked off.  Of course, this is the worst....9 months without posting updates for family and friends is an awful long time.  So, here is goes. I'll dish it out one by one, oldest to youngest:
Kim - well 1 day after finding out she passed her RN boards, she got the job for the 6mth residency program at The Toledo/Children's Hospital!  She was excited to learn that her 2 aunts also attended nursing school there years ago, so definitely knew it was going to be an awesome experience.  Since Mar 1st, she has successfully completed the residency program and secured a position on the post-op med/surg floor.  Now she is just biding her time until she can transfer to Fostoria General and lessen the looooooong drive.  The most exciting thing for her is that just by going back to work 2 pant sizes have been dropped and that has given her the encouragement to begin working out and eating better.

Tim -- Well, what can we say about him????  After putting up with his wife's schooling for 3yrs, he has been rewarded with a new truck.  He is very happy with his new bright red 4 door pickup truck.  The kids are too since they have lots of room for their growing legs.  If only he would let his wife drive it every now and again.  He is now a supervisor at his job, but for some reason the hours haven't lessened, only grown.  Over the summer, he finished the back garage and put a new door on it.  It's the perfect size for dad to put his train modulars if they would ever move out here (hint, hint).  Next on the list for Tim is to remodel the back room, bathroom downstairs, breezeway and the garage all at the same time apparently.  Sounds like a lot of work to me, but it will be wonderful when it's finished and we can hang out there even in the winter time without freezing.

Nathan -- Let's see, Nathan is now 13yrs old.  Amazing to have a teeneager in the house.  It's a forever change of roller coasters.  One day we are on a nice calm ride and then BAM! that roller coaster has become the Viper!  Despite the hormone and attitude changes, he's still a wonderful kid.  Very bright and very handsome.  Sure would be nice to keep the girls from calling him, but I guess that comes with the territory of having a teenager.  Nathan is still playing the trombone and is very good at it. He is now only 3 levels away from becoming an Eagle Scout. We are very proud of the young man he is turning into.

Matthew -- hmmmmm, this kid still has the sparkling blue eyes and the shy smile that has always been his trademark.  He has lots of girlfriends, which as his mom am none to happy about.  His teachers absolutely love him and the fact that he is the only one in the class that ever gets the teacher's jokes.  He started playing trumpet this year and is really liking it.  His first concert will be Dec 13th and we are very anxious to hear him play.  We had a sneak peek of the upcoming show the other day when Nathan was kindly helping him learn his song.  They sounded so awesome playing together in the music room.  Wish I had recorded it to show them years from now.  Matthew also particpated in Outdoor Education with school this year.  He left for 3days and learned how to survive in the outdoors.  He really enjoyed learning about edible bugs and vegetation.  Thankfully, he wasn't in the group that ate the worms.......I would have made him brush his teeth for weeks before letting him kiss me again.  YUCK!!!!  He is still particpating in scouts, but not sure he will continue into Boy Scouts when he crosses over in Feb. Still loving baseball and still as active as ever.

Kaitlyn -- This girl keeps us on our toes.  She is like lightning.  Flashing everywhere at one time.  She started gymnastics in July and by the end of August had all ready moved up a level.  She loves gymnastics.  We moved her to a gym closer to us and has now added bars and beam, which she wasn't doing at the other gym.  She is still in Brownies and next year will become a girl scout.  This week she participated in Mazza Talent/No Talent Show (the kids are the talent and the teachers are the no talent).  It's an entertaining show and even people without kids in the school purchase tickets for the program.  She did so good. 

Well, I think that's the updates on each person.  It's been a busy year.  We had lots of mini-vacations this summer instead of taking a big one this year.  We went to Cleveland to visit Ellie (hadn't seen her in almost 16yrs), went to African Safari, The Toledo Museum of Art Mummy Exhibit, New York, the German Festival, and lots of weekends relaxing at home. We are saving up for the 40th Family Reunion in Petaluma, CA this summer.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow and we will definitely keep everyone better updated.


Finally............and now onto the journey

Well, I finally will have time to update more often, atleast I hope.  I took my boards on Tuesday and found out that I passed on Wednesday.  That same day I had my second interview for the nurse intern program at Toledo Hospital.  On Thursday, I received a call from Toledo Hospital and received one of two positions that were available.  Very excited and ready to begin this next journey.


Still Not Ready

Sorry everybody, but still not ready to get back into the full swing of blogging yet.  Been studying for boards which will take place this week.
Just a few quick updates......

NATHAN----we are VERY proud of him. He made it into the final round at the Tri-County Spelling Bee.  He went out on the word colloquial.  Sad to say, but I didn't even remember hearing that word before.  Just received his report card and is still pulling straight A's.  He'll be in middle school next year, so I hope that he continues being involved in school.  The school sent home is preliminary schedule for 7th grade 2 weeks ago.....not ready for that.

Matthew and Kaity both received their report cards also and both on Honor Roll again for the 9 wks. 

Tim is still working very hard. This year he will have 2 wks of vacation.  They'll probably get used all up in June with my high school reunion in Vegas and a wedding in Iowa.

Kim.........well, I finally graduated from nursing school with honors.  Worked very hard to obtain a GPA of 3.94.  Wish I had applied myself that much in high school and in college the first time.  Probably would've earned that degree a LONG time ago.

Well, that's unfortunately all I have time for right now.  Will do better updates and upload some pictures in about a week.  Have to make it through this week first.  Hope all of your families are well.  Many blessings!