Okay, so we've been very bad keeping everyone updated on the happenings around here.
First, I successfully completed my last med-surg class with an A. I was so excited because it came very close to being a B, which would have been okay. Now it's on to Mental health for the next 5 Saturdays. A little nervous about that one. I've never dealt with patients that are being medicated for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other things. I'm sure it will be fine and there won't be a repeat of past experiences by other students.
Tim is seeing a chiropractor. He injured his shoulder about a month ago. He didn't think anything of it until his whole right arm started tingling and going numb if he didn't keep it in a dependent position. He's had two sessions so far and the x-rays are showing improvement all ready. Since he is young and healthy, the doctor believes he should heal quickly and will no longer need treatment after about 1-2 months. He's been working on his truck, getting it fixed and ready for summer. We LOVE to camp as much as possible in the summer.
Nathan and Matthew are preparing their cars for the Derby Races this weekend. Kaity decided that she is doing one as well. She'll be entering the open class. I'll be sure to have pictures of the event posted sometime next week.
Other than that, everything is going great out here. Thanks to the beautiful weather, we've been out on bike rides and are getting outside and active more. Kaitlyn and Matthew will begin soccer next week and Nathan is still enjoying Karate. We ordered his Gi (that's what it sounds like, but probably not how it's spelled). It is his uniform for practice and events. Matthew will also start baseball here in a couple of weeks. Tim will be the assistant coach, atleast at this point he is. His work schedule is too busy and chaotic to be the head coach.
Well, I think that's all the updates from this side of the country.


Prayers for the Injured

Today I was never more excited and anxious to get home to my family. I came eerily close to being involved in a head on collision on the Interstate. Unfortunately, the car that was two cars ahead of me was involved and the occupants were seriously injured. The driver of the vehicle at fault died at the scene. It was the most horrific thing I've every watched unfold before my eyes. Please pray for the people and families affected by this accident. It's going to be a long emotional and physical healing. NBC 24 Toledo news recorded the scene. You can see my little black car in the news reel and know how close I was. Anyways, please pray for those involved.


Graduation is around the corner!!

It's getting excited and very busy around here. Today I signed up for my final classes for my RN degree..............very exciting!!! I also officially petitioned for Graduation and paid my fee!!!! RN classes aren't offered in the Summer, so in the Fall I will take 3 more classes and do one-on-one precepting and that's it!!!! I can't believe there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Graduation is December 11th at 1900. There is a pinning ceremony that morning for acknowledgmen of students in the Nursing Department. I'm so excited to walk across that platform with my husband and kids watching. My kids are finally going to see what the sacrifice of the last 3years has been for. Now to just get through the rest of this semester and the Fall semester.