We're Home!

Well, we have made it back home. We had a wonderful time visiting family in New York for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Tim shot his first buck this weekend (sorry if that offends any of you, but I promise, it's the meat that gets us through the winter). As soon as I have time and I can download pictures of our visit I will. There were 19 people surrounding Tim's mom and dad's dinner table. AND there were a couple missing who usually are there. Tim's parents have 9 grandkids from 4 kids. It was a wonderfully boisterous Thanksgiving. It was an "eatting fest" from Wednesday to Saturday. The kids loved hanging out with their cousins. We almost made it out the door without anyone crying, but needless to say, there were definitely tears last night when we left. That's it for now. I need to get the clothes clean and last minute school work done. I had every intention on studying out there, but there was too much fun going on.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone of you have a blessed Thanksgiving. I know it's a couple of days early , but we're leaving today to my husband's family in New York and there is no internet access there. God Bless you all and have a safe and happy holiday! Ellie -- be careful over those mountains!!!!! We love you all! The Ackleys


Veteran's Day

On this day we remember those who have served and those that are serving. On this Veteran's Day I'd like to say a prayer for all those serving and protecting us right now. You are not forgotten and we are grateful. Without the military, we would not be the country that we are today. We could not put our little sleepy-heads to bed at night knowing that they are safe if you were not defending our freedom and safety. With God's guidance, you have made us a strong Nation.

God Bless those who have served and are MIA or POW. We pray for you and we thank you.
My grandfather, who passed away in January was a purple heart recipient from World War II. He proudly served this country. My dad served for 20yrs and had tours in Vietnam. My mom served for 23yrs. My father-in-law and my Uncles were in the Navy. My brothers both proudly served their country, one Air Force and the other in the National Gaurd. My husband proudly served in the Army. Now, my nephew will be leaving for the Navy in less than 2 wks to serve his country with God's guidance. Without these people and others like them, we would not be what we are today. I thank each one of you.

Please remember our soldiers who are so proudly and confidently serving us today. We owe them a thank you. If you see a soldier, past or present, shake their hand and tell them what their sacrifice means to you.


Is this For Real???

I honestly don't understand!!!! How is it that just a month ago we were paying $3.989 per gallon and now we're at $1.79? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I'm in utter shock and amazement! I'm not getting used to it though. I'm sure it won't last forever, but it's awesome while it lasts. What's everyone else paying?

What a Day

My kids are very attached to both sets of grandparents. We've been so blessed to have had my dad out here for awhile to visit. I think he really missed his trains though. That is his new career, I'd call it a hobby, but he's even working at the train store for free and discounted train supplies. He has a new showing coming up on the 14th. A BIG layout display that he's in charge of. Anyways, the kids were so upset that he was leaving. They followed him to the end of the driveway and watched until his truck was out of sight. Anyways, last night my daughter says "now I can't argue with him over who is the ugliest." So she pauses for a moment and says "hey, I can call him every day and tell him how ugly he is." I don't know why but she gets a big kick out of being called ugly by her grandpa. It's been going on for weeks. As soon as she walks through the door after school she says, my mom told me you're the ugliest!!! What did I ever do to get caught up in the middle of it. So, yesterday he left to head back to Colorado and the kids were upset. Kaity the most I think. She sat in the house crying and then moped around all morning. Have a safe trip home dad!


Let Your Voice be Heard!!! VOTE!!!

Today is a very important day in the United States. Voting Day! Many people will not vote today because they believe their vote doesn't count. In my opinion, every vote counts! This election is going to be VERY close and it's going to take every vote. Whether you are one party or the other, your vote is needed today. In the past I have taken my kids with me to vote to show them how important it is and what the process is all about. My boys love it. Today I didn't want to take any chances and went immediately to vote after dropping my kids off at school. I grabbed stickers for them though so they will be happy. Anyways, to all of you who don't vote today, you have lost your right to complain. If you don't like the way things go with the election or what happens after the election, too bad! You didn't use your voice on a ballot, so where do you get the right to complain afterwards.
I realize that this is somewhat mean, however, it urks me every election that people don't get out and vote, but then complain afterwards because things aren't going the way they want. So, all I have to say is VOTE!!! Your ballot matters more in this election than ever before! Be proud to be an American and use your freedom of choice and VOTE!!!



A few of Tim's pumpkins. We forgot to do the mini carve out pumpkins to light up our steps. This year was just out of the ordinary for us. It seemed like we didn't have time for anything.

Matthew, the dead Jack Sparrow

Nathan, The Grim Reaper

Kaity, the Bubbly Clown

Our trick or treating was on Thursday this year (Nate's birthday). We couldn't have it on Friday because our football team made it to playoffs and the first game was on Friday, Halloween night (which they won). Anyways, here are some pictures of our Halloween. Tim once again designed some awesome pumpkins. Last years were in the local newspaper. The kids trick or treated from 6-730 and had a blast. We started off on our road and went to all of the neighbors homes, then we walked up-town where the pizza place was giving away slices of pizza, the legion was giving away hot dogs and pop, Morenos was giving out peach and apple cider, and the fire/ems were giving out regular sized candy bars, hot chocolate, punch, popcorn and cookies. Needless to say, the kids made bank. I love being in such a small community where you're related to half the town and the other half you know because your kids go to school with their kids.

I'm such a bad mom!!!

Here he is, our green-eyed monster! I feel so bad that I didn't get this posted on his birthday. The end of the week was so crazy. Between halloween treats for school, clinical at Blanchard Valley, SNA meeting, and trick or treating (we had ours on Thursday night) I lost track of time and wasn't able to get this posted.
So, here he is! This is Nathan. Our "Bill Nye the Science Guy" You can ask just about anything related to science, math, and social studies and I bet he has the answer. I think now that he's 11 and in the 5th grade, we will fill out the paper work for Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader. He wants to try out for it and I think he has a pretty good chance. Nathan picked up playing the trombone this year and absolutely LOVES IT!!! He has changed so much in just a year. Last year, he was constantly in trouble for talking and not turning in his homework on time.......he was bored, but this year, he's finally buckling down and gaining more responsiblity and maturity. His school watches a Growth and Puberty video in 5th grade (Tim and I watched it together to make sure that it wasn't anything that we don't approve of and also to prepare for any questions that might arise afterwards). Anyways, I told my husband he couldn't watch, he was too young, then, I realized that he is going to be twelve next year and some of his friends have already begun going through the change. Tell me it's not possible!!! He can't be that age. He's still supposed to be my baby! Anyways, we're very proud of him and pray for nothing but the best for his future!