It's Almost Time!

I can't believe it's really here......the light at the end of the tunnel.  Saturday at 1pm I will be walking across a stage being pinned.  I will be have earned a RN degree.  It's been a LONG 3 years and it's finally going to pay off.  I'm so scared, but so excited at the same time.  What's next????  Will there be any jobs around???  Happy thoughts will be greatly appreciated.


Brushing Teeth

Today, myself and three other nursing students did a presentation in Kaitlyn's first grade classroom on keeping teeth clean for a healthy body.  We found the cutest ideas to teach kids proper brushing and flossing and why.  So, here are a couple of ideas for your kids.  To teach how to floss, give them a piece of yarn and allow them to use that as practice between your fingers as how to floss their own teeth.  We also hard boiled 2 eggs.  One we placed in vinegar and the other left alone.  The white shell of the egg is like the enamel of our teeth. "the protector".  But, when we don't brush our teeth, and let the acid and germs stay, it weakens the enamel and causes cavitites.  After one day of the egg being left in the vinegar, the shell has softened and cracked, and in some areas completely dissolved.  These were visual and tactile forms of learning the importance of teethbrushing.  The kids really enjoyed it and were able to answer questions correctly at the end.  We also taught them songs and things to do in your head while you brush your teeth to make sure you get that 1 minute on top and 1 minute on bottom.  Just thought some of you parents might find this interesting as a teaching method for your own kids.


Catching Up

Well, it's been awhile since we've done any updating and many things have happened since the last post, but the most important have been Halloween and Birthdays.  We now have a 12 year old, a 10 year old, and a 7 year old who were Scream, a witch, and a mummy for Halloween.  Just a few pictures.  They aren't very good quality so I do apologize.

Matthew, Kaity, Nathan

Kaity after licking the frosting off the decorative balloons.