Waddle, Waddle!

I saw the cutest thing today and found myself without a camera. Only in a small community would you see a mamma duck with her 8 ducklings following behind her crossing a street. A main road to be exact. They were on there way to the pond on the other side of the 4 lane road. It was so cute and amazing that people took the time in their busy to stop and allow for the momma and her babies to waddle across the road. It was so cute watching them hop up and down until they made it over the curb. It was a needed moment and so simple.


Another Update on Tim!!

So, today we went to the hospital for Tim's ECG. Everything looked good (at least from my not fully educated standpoint). The young lady who performed the ECG stated that she didn't see anything majorly wrong, but he definitely still has the PVC's. She mentioned that some PVC's (what we feel as flutters) are normal, but not the amount that Tim is having. It definitely isn't caused by caffeine..........DUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! We meet with his Cardiologist tomorrow. Hopefully he will have some answers for us by then. Tim's tired of feeling cruddy all the time. Anyways, we will let you know what we find out tomorrow. The ECG tech mentioned ablation to Tim and we were told about a pacemaker a while back. All that is still speculation until we know exactly what is going on.


Relay for Life

On May 29-30 I will be working and walking for Relay for Life of Hancock County.

We are raising money for Cancer Awareness, Support and Cure. I recently had a friend diagnosed with breast cancer and ultimately lost her breast. She is only 29 years old. Too many women are still being diagnosed with the disease. It's time to find a cure!!! We will be raising money throughout the month of May. If you would like to make a donation, please send me an email.


Update on Tim

Tim had another doctor's appointment today. He's now being referred to a cardiologist, who he will see on Tuesday. On Monday he will have an echocardiagram. I will update you when we have more info. At this point, they are thinking that it's an issue with the structure, but that's just speculation at this point. Blood work all came back good!!!! His EKG monitor showed an average of 774 PVC's and without couplets. Will let you know information as it comes.


Frustrated Beyond Belief!!!!

Anybody have any ideas on how to get a little boy particpating/trying in school again. Our middle child has always been on the Honor Roll for all A's until the last 9 weeks. He was on for all A's and one B, which is awesome and not the problem. The problem, is that he is now beginning to struggle. He's having a hard time with comprehension and doing very VERY poorly. He's bringing home failing grades on papers. Any ideas or websites that you know of that I can get him on and thinking that he's just playing while he's actually learning?
He was behind a little in school compared to the rest of the kids when we first moved here for first grade, but quickly caught up. It's amazing what the kindergartners learn out here and what they are required to know before entering first grade. I now see it first-hand since Kaity is currently in Kindergarten.
Anyways, he's now in 3rd grade and beginning to struggle and I'm at my wits end. I don't think he has a learning disability; just getting lazy and uninterested in school. At the beginning of the year he took the Ohio Achievement Test and scored Advanced, but now he's having a hard time. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



The Kids had so much fun on Easter. I wish I had taken more pictures, but was more worried about Tim's health than pictures, and rightly so. The Easter Bunny sent the kids on a scavenger hunt to find their baskets. They finally found them in the oddest of places, the garage!!! Matthew's was in the car, Nathan's on the barbque, and Kaity's hanging from her bike, which was hanging from a hook on the ceiling. They enjoyed the scavenger hunt almost as much as flying kites. It was a beautiful day and spent the best way ever. This is where quite a few kites ended up. I think 4 total. We chased after 3 into the cornfield which was hilarious and we lost two to the sky. The wind broke the strings.
Kaity and her friend Margarette

How we spent Easter Sunday.....Flying kites with friends

Coloring Eggs.....we did 30 of them.

Coloring Eggs


Kaity Spring Pictures
Nathan's car for the Derby Races

Matthew's car for the Derby Races. Notice the US Army on the side. He LOVES Army stuff.

Kaity's car that she entered into the open class at the Derby Races.
The kids cut, sanded, and painted their own cars. We just supervised to make sure that they didn't cut themselves or anyone else. They were so proud of their cars. They did a great job.

This is Nathan being welcomed into Boy Scouts. He crossed over this year. He's all ready had a campout. That was what he was looking forward to the most. He has another sleepover this weekend. He's so excited for it. Nathan is getting so big and maturing so quickly. We're very proud of him.

Well, since I've been so bad at keeping people updated, I figured I'd just add some pictures to do the updating. As soon as I'm able to watch a soccer game or a baseball game, I will post more pictures.


Quick Update!!

Some of Tim's tests have come back. So far, blood work is looking good. Segs a little low, but not enough to cause concern. Turned in the heart monitor today and now waiting the news on that. Will update more after the next appointment. Thanks for all of your prayers!!! Keep Praying!!!!

By the way, as soon as I have a free moment, I will post some updated pictures of the kids and the activities that they've been participating in. Busy time of the year. We have Monday-2 kids in scouts, Tuesdays, soccer for two kids from 4-6, baseball 6-7, Wednesdays-Karate, Thursdays Soccer and girl scouts, Friday-baseball, Saturday-Karate and soccer games. Not to mention there is school for the kids and myself in there and Tim's 40+ hour weeks. So, when I have a moment I will post some new pictures. Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately!!!


Wired For Sound!!

Just a quick update on Tim. He is now attached to a heart monitor. He had his blood work today and will turn in the heart monitor tomorrow morning. Hopefully they find something simple and easily fixable. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue with the tests. The PVC's and bradycardia are still of unknown cause at this point.


Keeping it Covert!!!!

OH my gosh!!! We just had soooooo much fun!!! A friend of mine has this other blog with her friend and they posted this very cute idea about Egging someone's house. Not the egging that you're thinking mind you!!! It was such a cute idea that I couldn't resist. Plus, I was able to get rid of all those darn plastic eggs that we've been accumulating for 11 years. We filled each egg up with candy. Then I searched online for a picture of bunnies, cut and pasted and then added "Happy Easter" "You've just been egged" I attached it to a stick and then stuck it in their yard. We did this while they weren't home so they wouldn't know it was us. It was so cute. As I'm writing this, they are outside picking up all the scattered eggs.
Thanks Mandee and Brandy for the great idea!!!! One more house to go!!