Back to school cake

This year, Kaitlyn began kindergarten. When the kids each began kindergarten we make a special snack or dessert that celebrates the occasion. This year being Kaity's turn, we decided to once again make a school bus cake. It didn't turn out as well as it did last time since I used a plate instead of a board to do the decorating on. Anyways, it's a lot of fun to make and tastes very good also. I use my own cake mix instead of store bought, but either way it's a very good cake. The pictures make it look smaller than what it really is. You can be so creative with it too. I use icing for all of the decorating, except for the wheels (oreo cookies), but I've seen gum drops and licorice used also.

I will definitely supply directions and the recipes I use if anyone is interested.


FIrst Day of School

Kids in front of the Kindergarten entrance
Kaitlyn sitting at her seat. My BIG kindergartner
Kids in front of the house getting ready to leave for school
Well, summer is officially over and school has now begun. All three of my babies are in school this year. Nathan is in 5th, Matthew is in 3rd, and Kaitlyn is a big kindergartner. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. It was weird coming home to a quiet house. The poor dog didn't know what to do with herself. She walked around whimpering for awhile and then finally went to her bed to sleep. You'll be happy to know that I didn't cry after leaving Kaitlyn at school ............until I was outside. This morning was very special as daddy took a late start at work in order to take the kids to their first day of school. You should've seen Nathan's face (the big 5th grader) when Tim smothered him with hugs and kisses. He was MORTIFIED!!!! I don't think he could have been anymore embarrassed. I'm looking forward to picking them up at 3pm and to hear about their day.


THE BEST Chicken BarBQue

I have added a link to Chiavettas onto our blog for those of you who are always asking us how to get some for yourselves. This is the best Chicken marinade. We always keep a stock of bottles at home. We replenish when we visit Tim's family in New York. We've only found one place so far outside of the state of New York that carries it but they price it wayyyyyyyy too high. Enjoy!!! We ALWAYS do!!! I actually have some chicken on the grill as I'm typing. www.chiavettas.com


Okay, so this is how I felt today. As a nursing student working in the clinical environment, you are required to keep your shots up to date. In addition, a yearly physical and TB test is required. So, today I had my TB. Talk about OW. On top of that, it wouldn't stop bleeding. Why is it that I don't think twice when I stick a needle in someone else, but stick one in me and I freak. Now, I wait and on Thursday I will return to the health department to have it signed off. On the brighter side, I don't have to go back for a TB for another year. Now, today reminded me that my son is turning 11 next month and will require 2 shots, the DTaP and the new menningococal. My husband will be taking the day off for that one. Nathan is almost comical the way he reacts with immunizations. A couple of years ago he had to receive a TB skin test so that I could do at home daycare. He screamed like a banshee and ran around the place. He was so out of control that he inadvertantly hit Tim's cell phone, which called the house and recorded the whole incident on the answering machine at home. His little brother and sister didn't even flinch when they received theirs. So, that is what we have to look forward to next month for Nathans immunizations.


Forgotten Family Member

Okay, so I forgot to introduce another member of our family...........as my kids have pointed out. This is Shelby Lynn. She's a boxer and the best dog we've ever had. She loves ALL kids and gets along with other dogs. She's never chewed on anything other than her bones and her toys, which is a good thing because we have a lot of oak and pine in our home. She even potty trained within a week. The only set back is that she loves to run and catch balls and flying toys and that requires lots of space and a fenced in backyard. We have the space, but no fence. Living in a village, it's not the best idea to leave a dog off of a leash. Anyways, this is Shelby and she will be a year sometime in September. We don't know for sure. She showed up on one of Tim's job sites and no one claimed her after 2 weeks so the SPCA told us to keep her.


Happy 150 Years Carey!!!!

This past weekend, our village had the annual Carey Fest. It was a lot of fun. Tim once again this year was awesome and sat in the dunk tank for Cub Scouts for an hour. I wish I had a picture, it was so funny. He's usually quiet and somewhat shy, but once he gets up there he's outgoing and heckles everyone including innocent passersby. He uses a super soaker and sprays people as far away as he can. Needless to say, he always has the longest line of people wanting to dunk him. Poor guy, I think he spent more time in the water than out of it. He enjoyed it though and looks forward to participating again next year. On Saturday, was the parade. There were 122 entries to the parade this year. All three kids were in the parade, so Tim and I sat in front of my Aunt and Uncle's home and caught candy. It's amazing, they still threw candy despite the fact that there were no kids in sight. For once, it was all ours!!!!!! Anyways, here are some pictures from the parade. Victims of Drunk Drivers. The flag (both sides) is made out of license plates of people that lost their lives in Ohio to drunk drivers. There are also plates hanging and surrounding the trailer. Very sad! We must teach our children.
Cub Scout float. Matthew is in the very front. You can barely see him and even if the picture were closer, you still wouldn't be able to see him. He hid behind the flag when he came closer to us. Nathan who is not camera shy was unfortunately on the other side of the float.
Kaitlyn with her fellow girl scouts.
Tim's favorite. Ronald McDonald on a fire truck.
The fest was so much fun. Tim and I ended the fest at the Bucky Covington concert. He wasn't all that great, but we had lots of fun visiting with our friends and meeting new people.

Special Summer Moments

Ghost Town Museum
With friends at Mr. Biggs
Almost all of our cousins (missing 4) at the Molly Kathleen Mine. We went down 1000 ft. below ground to tour an actual mine. They still mine it in the fall and winter. It was pretty cool! They did however put 11 of us (all the kids and 3 moms) in one cage. The cage was about 3 feet by 3 feet and dropped at a rate of 500 ft per minute.
Kids and grandma on the way home. We stopped in St. Louis and went to the top of the Archway. We went in cage number 7. It only fit five people and when it closed, had no windows and was completely closed in. Nathan freaked out when it started rocking to accomadate the change in position on the way up. We were attached to 7 other cages/elevators. It was awesome to be 640 ft above the ground.
The boys at Cub Scout Day Camp. A week of crafts, woodworking, archery, b-b guns, tower climbing, swimming, skits, songs, and nature hikes. Nathan did an overnighter with his dad on Thursday. They took a night hike by the light of the moon only. This is sadly his last year of cub scouts as he's now a Webello II. In February, he will cross the bridge and become a boy scout.
More pictures of our summer fun!

Summer is Winding Down :(

Well, summer is coming to an end. It has been a wonderful summer full of adventures. Here are some highlights of our activities. kids at Garden of the Gods
Kids at Rock Ledge Ranch Homestead
Cousins make the best friends
Fun at Bear Creek Nature Center. The kids loved watching the worker bees making honey
To the top of the World! We took the train to the top of Pikes Peak. The inspiration of America the Beauriful!
It's hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. Hopefully, the kids had a wonderful time and made lasting memories. Now, we ready ourselves for the start of school. Kaitlyn will be entering Kindegarten this year, Matthew 3rd grade (he got the teacher he wanted) and Nathan is entering 5th grade and. They've grown so much. Along with the kids, I also will be returning to school. Thankfully I only have 3 more semesters and will be graduating with a RN degree. It can't happen soon enough. So, good-bye to summer and hello to a promising new school year.