It's Been a Long Time!

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth.
Batter Up!

Back to school haircut.

Back to school!

Not very many pictures of the boys I know, but they haven't had as many changes as Kaity yet this year. We have been so busy with school, PTT, Scouts, and precepting that the blog has been very neglected. We still have pictures on the camera that haven't been downloaded yet. Anyways, just some quick updates, Nathan-- still playing trombone in the band, still loving school, is in T.A.G. this year learning about technology and science, and is running for a student council position and trying out for a part in the school play. Matthew -- bored with school as always, still watching Ohio State every chance he can (going to have to hit someone up for tickets to a game), still being chased after by the girls on the playground, and loves to read library books. Kaity -- LOVES school and picking on her brothers. She's all ready had lots of homework, even on Fridays (in first grade), and is going to be starting dance classes (that is when I get around to driving to Findlay to sign her up). All three on in their own room now. We now know who was the clean one of the two boys. One of them was stuck doing a lot of cleaning before they had their own rooms. Now there is only one room that needs to have a closed door.