"I Love My Zoo!"

Last weekend we took our zoo. It was so much fun!!! It was great seeing family the family that lives so far. Conveniently dad was still home so he was able to spend some time with everyone also.

Roynon Family

Nate and Kaity on the way home - we had to take the pic because they never would have believed us later.

Kaity and Syd. These girls are so cute together.

Kaity wading in the "river"

Kaity and Tim


Back To School!!!

Kaity had her back to school haircut yesterday. She was very excited.

Our very "responsible" 6th grader. We are very proud of him. He's done very well in school and enjoys it immensely.

Our 4th grader.......can you tell how ornery he is? He has a mischievous smile about to bust out.

Here she is, the first grader!!! Very excited to be back in school and to see her best friend Bailey.

Well, today is the first day of school for the Ackley Kids. There were mixed emotions as they readied themselves for school. Nathan was nervous for his last year in elementary school knowing that this year things pick up and get harder. Plus, he has grandma's high school best friend as his teacher this year. Matthew was excited to head back to school, but for no other reason than to see his friends. The school part he could do without, he was kind of bummed about that. Kaity woke up this morning easier than she ever has. She wishes that her Kindergarten teacher could be her first grade teacher this year, but is satisfied with being able to see her every day.

It's hard to believe that the kids are so grown. Nathan is in 6th grade this year, still in band, and still very much into all things science. Matthew is in 4th and is a sports kid to the bone. He's known as the quiet clown in school and the teachers all enjoy him. One of the 4th grade teachers tried to get him into his class even yesterday. Funny. He is the one that never flips his color chart though, so I can't complain. Kaity is in 1st grade this year. She's looking forward to being with her friends. She will have the same teacher Matthew had for 1st grade, so thankfully we know what to expect this year.
Well, we are officially into the next school year. I hope it's a great one for the kids and also for all of your kids.


First Week Done!

Well, the first week of classes are completed and in the past. This week went by so quickly and was suprisingly fun. On Monday I started my online drug calculations course and on Thursday took the first test (earned a 24/24). On Tuesday my obstretrics class began with a med math test. Thankfully I didn't forget anything over the summer and received a 15/15. On Wednesday, was my first day of clinical. I was so nervous walking in, not knowing what to expect. The first thing I did after orientation was give a Vitamin K injection to a 2 hour old baby. I felt so bad. I do not like to hurt precious little babies. I had to put a foley into a soon-to-be mom and also watched an epidural inserted into that same soon-to-be mom. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch any babies born that day (my patient didn't have her baby until after we left), but I did stand outside a room and listen to the miracle of life. Even though I didn't see, I still was teary-eyed. It's so amazing hearing that first cry of life. I think I'm going to love this five week course. Don't want to do it for a living though. I'm not sure I could handle a baby born not breathing, nor do I want the opportunity to find out.



Well, it's back to school preparation time in the Ackley household. Last night the kids resumed their school year bedtime, which of course was a pain and a half. Today, I will head of to school to purchase my books for my last semester of school..............I can't believe it's finally here. The kids are so excited to shop for school supplies this weekend, but that is as far as the excitement extends. Nathan is pretty much the only one actually excited to be back in school. Nathan will be in sixth grade this year, with grandma's friend as his teacher. Matthew will be in fourth, with the cheerleading advisor as his teacher. She was also Nathan's fourth grade teacher. Kaity will be first with the same first grade teacher Matthew had. Hopefully this year she'll be more vocal at the parent teacher conferences.
So, now I'm looking for bargains on durable school supplies. Need them to last atleast half of the school year.